Sunshine Family  LbNA # 33902

Placed DateAug 5 2007
LocationPhippsburg, ME
Found By Foss4
Last Found Jul 10 2011
Hike Distance?

My Husband started coming to Hermit Island when he was a baby. We have continued the tradition in his adult life and we try to get together with the rest of his family every year. Some of them live far away and some live close by but it is a lot of fun when we do get together and come to Maine. We now have three girls of our own that we hope will carry the tradition with their kids. We are a family of five with blond hair. A family member started calling us the sunshine family and it stuck. But I also hope it is because we bring Happiness and Cheer.

Hermit Island is a camping area so I am not sure if you will be allowed in to the site without actually tenting.

You will need to start at the Main shower and bath house.
Go up Cross Island Road until you see first big green thing thats not a tree. Take Landfall Road you will see an outhouse. Do not go left on Channel Road. Go straight. Go on path that says foot traffic only. Follow path. Watch your step. You will see another green thing that is not a tree. You will desire to turn back because of Mosquitoes but don't give up you are almost there. Continue on same path. It gets Rocky. You will notice a change in the path. Start to head down hill. You will soon see red and Blue markers. Follow the arrows. You will see a beach. Touch the sand. Come back 10-12 steps. On left see rock walls. Look inside.

Optional: On way back take your first right for a beautiful sight.