Which Way? (Runaway Scrape Box #10)  LbNA # 33932

OwnerTall Texan    
Placed DateAug 8 2007
LocationRose Hill, TX
Found By Lone Star Quilter
Last Found Dec 30 2007
Hike Distance?

Reported alive and well 12/30/07

Things looked grim by March 11, 1836 for Sam Houston and several hundred volunteers gathered at Gonzales. General Santa Ana, the dictator of Mexico, was sweeping across Texas with thousands of soldiers in several columns destroying all resistance in his path. Hundreds had died fighting at the Alamo and hundreds more had been executed at Goliad. Facing a defeat and certain death at the hands of a superior Mexican Army, General Houston chose to retreat east, deeper into the heart of the American Colony in Mexican Texas. Like General Washington at Brooklyn Heights 50 years before, Houston realized that he needed to use geography to buy time to find a better battlefield. Most of the 30,000 colonists who came to the area were fleeing also, leaving behind years of work to build farms and towns, carrying what they could on wagons. This time in Texas History is known as the “Runaway Scrape”. The letterboxes in this series stretch from Gonzales to San Jacinto Battlefield. The stamps tell the story.

This letterbox commemorates the decision to turn the army to the right at the fork in front of the Roberts homestead. This meant that the Texan Army was not running anymore. They were marching to meet the Mexican Army column led by Santa Ana down the road to Harrisburg, not taking the left fork to the safety of Louisiana. Accounts say that General Houston was at the end of the column. The soldiers at the lead asked Mr. Roberts which direction led to Harrisburg. He raised his arm and pointed right, to which the army cheered and began walking. It is reported that Sam Houston said nothing, just following his army. The old Roberts place has a marker in New Kentucky Park on Highway 2920. The letterbox is located at the site of a historical marker 3 miles to the west. This was the site where the army camped the night before.

The box is located on Highway 2920, at the intersection with 2400 block of A. J. Foyt Road in front of the Spring Creek Ranch. There is a historical marker on the north side of the intersection.

To the Box:
Park in front of the “Historical Marker” sign. Read the description and look behind the marker to the split-rail fence behind it. Every fifty feet or so is a rock fence post. To the right (east) of the marker are three more rock fence posts. The last one has no rails in the slots. The letter box is in the bottom slot, under a rock. Please re-hide well.