Dominos & Fiddles  LbNA # 33940 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 4 2007
LocationHallettsville, TX
Planted By4anglers    
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Reported Missing! Will replace at later date.

Placed by: Tejas Angel

Dominos & Fiddles - Double Microbox


Home of the Texas State Championship Fiddlers Frolics
where the best fiddlers in the State of Texas compete for the coveted title of
Texas State Champion Fiddler (held every 4th weekend in April) and home to The Texas Fiddlers Hall of Fame. Also, home of the Texas State Championship Straight Domino Tournament where the best Domino players in the State of Texas compete for the title of State Champion Domino Player. You can visit the Fiddlers Hall of Fame weekdays from 9am to 2pm.
The KC Hall is on Texas Hwy 77-South - Hallettsville, Texas (361) 798-2311

THE LB IS NOT AT THE KC HALL, BUT AT PICNIC AREA ON THE WAY TO HALLETTSVILLE. Sorry, I couldn’t place it at the Hall last time I went, too many people around to be discreet. Hopefully I can move it there soon.

Directions: From I-10 at 77 Hwy, take 77 Hwy South for about 10 miles. There is a large picnic area on your right. (No restrooms!) This is nice oak tree lined rest area right before a bridge over Rocky Creek.

Clues: Park near the sidewalk that leads to a large old concrete fireplace/grill. Behind this grill is a large oak a little to the right. The LB is in a hole at the base of this tree. Use a stick to remove the LB (camo film canister), just in case any critters might be using the hole for shelter. Reseal and rehide.

Happy Hunting!

* If an LBer would like to try to move this LB to the KC Hall, I would be very thankful. If not, I will get it there sooner or later.