AIR  LbNA # 33951

Placed DateAug 9 2007
CountyLa Salle
LocationMendota, IL
Planted ByQuestar    
Found By Hart x6
Last Found Oct 28 2007
Hike Distance?

temporarily unavailable, let me know if you want to look for this...

Ollie, Goofy-foot, and Fakie will mean something to those that are there. Go to this place. Once there, on the south side you will see eight in a row. Follow along in this direction until you see the "V" along the bank. Nestled in the trunk is where AIR used to be.... but he can't stay still and has moved locations. Start from his original location. Go 320 degrees along the bank and then right along the fence line. There is an opening to the back lake. On the right, before the fence, in the second clump of bushes is AIR. Outgoing as he is, he now has an AIR BUDDY (no log book) back left toward the rocks where there is a bend in the fence line and the grasses and bushes start growing. Up along the fence and under a rock you will find his friend.

AIR and AIR BUDDY are out in the open! Please use stealth!!
Ink: Any color