DUCK (Mr. Turtle)  LbNA # 33952

Placed DateAug 9 2007
CountyLa Salle
LocationMendota, IL
Planted ByQuestar    
Found By Dj said, "Key."
Last Found Feb 16 2009
Hike Distance?

Mr. Turtle, DUCK's very best friend, is so sad! DUCK is missing!
Along Tom Merwin Drive, you will see three of these to cross by foot. Choose wisely. (You can park in front to obscure your view) If you go up 9 steps you would see the lake. But what you're looking for is not up there. You need to go under the planks -- be sure to "Duck"

Oh, poor DUCK is missing (as of 9-20-07). I hope no one was duck hunting, or his fate is doomed. And his best friend Mr. Turtle is beside himself. He is so sad. Perhaps you can help him look for DUCK and cheer him up a bit, too. Where does one start in search of someone (or something) missing? Mr. Turtle is there in a very small container. And DUCK, well.... he just might be duck soup by now.

This spot is out in the open! Please use stealth so Mr. Turtle doesn't go missing, too.

Ink: Green looks good