Lakeside Landing  LbNA # 33956 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 9 2007
LocationGlenburn, ME
Planted ByTheTowles    
Found By Sunnyside Chipmunks
Last Found Aug 26 2007
Hike Distance?

Glenburn has Pushaw Lake and it has a road named Lakeside Landing on the Glenburn side
of the lake and it has a nice boat landing at the end of it.

Sometimes it’s nice to come here and stick your feet into the water to cool off.

Take Pushaw Road to the Lakeside Landing Road on your right. Go all the way to the
end of it and park in the first parking area away from the lake.

Walk to the boat ramp sign near the pine trees. Walk to the horse shoe pit closest to the
pine trees. face the red building and take 52 steps to the welcome sign. Then look to the
right and there will be a stone bench. Take a seat and have a nice look around at the
lake. Then look for a tree to your right as your sitting on the bench. The surprise is
under the leaves at the bottom of the back of the tree.

This is a beach and boat landing for Glenburn residents only. But it is ok for