Fun at the park  LbNA # 33961 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 10 2007
LocationComfort, TX
Planted Bydiving dolphin    
Found By Texas Trailmix
Last Found Mar 29 2008
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Comfort Park is a relaxing place for kids to enjoy playing and riding bikes. There are lots of events that happen here, making the park a special part of the community.
Comfort recently celebrated its 150th year. Ernst Hermann Altgelt was credited for founding Comfort and many residents are decedents of his. There is a monument dedicated to him in the park. There is also a marker representing where a time capsule was buried in 2004. Find this monument and marker. As you are facing it, look directly behind you to find a multi-trunk tree about 25 steps away. Box is hanging in middle of tree.