Seafood Platter- SC  LbNA # 33977

OwnerMichel LaBranche      
Placed DateAug 10 2007
LocationKnoxville, TN
Found Byscouttrekkie
Last UpdateAug 22 2010


This be the clues for Seafood Platter Ė SC. I make no bones about telliní where it is because I think everyone should know about Ijams Nature Center off of Island Home Ave. in south Knoxville. Itís a great place for kids and adults alike.

Which ever direction you come from, just whip in the entrance, go around, and park. Let the single green sentinel be your guide. Head for the elongated tubes strung together in parallel form. There is an element of Serendipity about this box that you might find enjoyable. Its really a short hike on a paved trail with a number of pleasant sightings along the way.

The first appears to be a Satanic worship site with three altars. Thank goodness this appears to be behind a fence just outside the Center boundary. Nevertheless, best to wear a silver cross around your neck if you have one while searching here. Please stay on trail.

OkayÖ moving on, we come to 7 slats - the site of the Liberal Vestal Virgins in Elysian Fields; a few more than Osama might be counting on. I sat here and pondered how that could be when I dozed-off thinking of emerald pools and beautiful dancing girls, when I dropped my letterbox of all things. A squirrel must have shoved it under somewhere. I never did find the blamed thing! If you find it, please report it to AQ or LbNA so Iíll at least know its OK!