Sanctuary -Fishers Island  LbNA # 33979

Placed DateAug 10 2007
CountyNew London
LocationNew London, CT
Planted ByLizard and Leaf Lady    
Found By G13
Last Found Jul 5 2008
Hike Distance?

Sanctuary -Fishers Island

Go to New London, CT and take the Fishers Island Ferry to Fishers Island NY (as of 8/10/07 ferry fee is $22 per adult on foot. Extra fee for car). You can actually walf to these LB's. Be sure to check the ferry schedule for times. And bring your own snacks as businesses are VERY seasonal.

When getting off the ferry, follow the flow of traffic. Walk one half block and take a left onto the one way street. At the stop sign, take a left onto Whister Ave. Walk approximately 9 tenths of a mile to the Henry L. Ferguson museum established in 1986. Behind the museum is the trail to the bird sanctuary.

Enter the sanctuary and walk the path until you must turn right or left. Turn right past three trees on the right. Then you will see a pile of logs next to a fallen tree. Here you will find dove.

Continue on the path. Turn left at the first trail. Find the grove of white birch trees where weddings have been held. locate the lonely birch tree with a stump at the base of it. Peek under the stump and you will find dragonfly.

Now stand between the four white birches and "Lonely" with "Lonely" at the left. Take the trail straight ahead (be careful NOT to go back onto the trail you just left) until you come to an "elbow". Behind the rock, you will find Ladybug.

You will now follow the path to a giant tree. Take time to enjoy it. continue on the path by going on the right of the pond. Pause to notice the heron and its babies and look to see if there is a duck in the duck house. From this point, you can see the museum on the right. Follow the main path back to the road, and return to the ferry. The ferry schedules are very precise, and there is no facility to stay overnight if you miss the last boat.

Since this is a sanctuary, please do not leave any traces of your presence. And be sure to replace the letterboxes better than found.