Bear's Hole  LbNA # 33982

OwnerA-Bear (&J-Bear)    
Placed DateAug 9 2007
LocationFeatherville, ID
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Placed by J&A-Bear

After a fun adventure in the Trinity Mountains we had to leave some boxes behind. We took the 4wd route up and passed a sign for Bearís Hole. Thankfully this box is no where near that sign and a lot easier to access since we took the 2wd route out and which was not as scary.

Directions: From I-84, at Mountain Home take Exit 95 and travel west along State Route 20. Turn left on Route 61/Louise Creek Road and follow signs to Featherville. You will eventually cross Pine Bridge and then turn right onto Pine-Featherville Road. Turn left onto FR172/Trinity Creek Road about a mile BEFORE Featherville. Go 2.2 miles until you see a gravel pullout down on your left. If you miss the first pull-in, continue until you can enter through the exit.

Clues: As you walk up the exit, on the right there is a large pine with 2 stumps close by. In the stump closest, under a granite rock is the BEARíS HOLE.

Please recover the box well so itís not visible from any angle. Thanks so much.