HIKE & FISH Series  LbNA # 33983

OwnerA-Bear (&J-Bear)    
Placed DateAug 9 2007
LocationPine-Featherville Road, Mountain Home, ID
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Placed by J&A-Bear

@ 4.5-5 mile hike roundtrip with 1000 feet elevation gain.

Directions: From I-84, at Mountain Home take Exit 95 and travel west along State Route 20. Turn left on Route 61/Louise Creek Road and follow signs to Featherville/Anderson Ranch Reservoir. You will eventually cross Pine Bridge and then turn right onto Pine-Featherville Road. Turn left onto FR172/Trinity Creek Road about a mile BEFORE Featherville. This road eventually is called Whiskey Jack Road. Continue until you can turn left on FR129/Trinity Ridge Road. Turn left into Big Trinity Lake Campground. Follow signs to the Rainbow Basin Trailhead and park. I couldn’t tell if there’s a fee to park for hiking or not, but for sure you had to pay $7 to camp.

a-bear: What are we going to do?
j-bear: Hike & Fish.
a-bear’s thoughts: What a great idea to carve some letterbox stamps to go with our day’s adventures.
Thus this series!

Please rehide both boxes well so they are not visible from any angle. Thanks so much.

Start at the TRAIL NO. 180 Sign, Rainbow Basin Trail Ľ Mile. Follow the trail along the beautiful lake to TRAIL NO. 174 Sign to Rainbow Basin. This path takes you up & up & up. As you peak on this trail after about a mile you will see down below in the distance a lake (Green Island Lake to be specific). Your first letterbox is at the highest point you reached to reward you for a great job HIKING up. Before the “Y” there is a nice shaded spot with rocks and trees on the right side of the trail. From the three-fingered tree, 250degrees for 8 steps to a pine tree hiding a flat rock behind it. Under this rock’s ledge, to the left rear of the pine tree, a smaller rock covers HIKE.

At the “Y” ahead, veer to the right and start trekking down the hill. No need to turn toward Green Island Lake because what you seek is at Big Lookout Lake. Eventually one of your signs will say Little Lookout Lake, but continue past it until you have the option to turn to Big Lookout Lake. As you get closer the actual sign for this turn was missing, but someone handwrote it on the pole so you will know where to turn. Take this trail up a little ways to reach the sign at Big Lookout Lake. Enjoy the fishing and swimming and beautiful views. From the sign, head back down the trail 10 steps to the pregnant belly tree on the left (how appropriate since I was 5 months pregnant when we hid this box). Another 38 steps down the trail to spy a 6’ tall boulder on the right. Go around the right side of this boulder and as you look behind it there are some rocks hiding FISH next to a 6’ pine tree growing from the back of this boulder.