The Cave  LbNA # 34009

Owner3 Ps in a Pod    
Placed DateAug 11 2007
LocationOcala, FL
Found By Kunagos
Last Found May 18 2012
Hike Distance?

This box is in the "Celebrate 2000 Community Park at Scott Springs" in Ocala, FL. The entrance to the park is on SW 24th Ave near the corner of SW 19th Ave Rd near the Wal-mart close to the Paddock Mall.

Drive through the park's entrance and look for a parking spot on the right near the large rocks. Park so some large rocks are on your right and some are on your left. There are several dirt paths and trails... you want to find the PAVED walkway near the picnic table and a bench. This path quickly turns into a boardwalk. Stay on the boardwalk path. It will soon turn 90-degrees to the right (where the railing begins).

Stay to the right side of the boardwalk with your right hand on the railing. Follow it a short distance, then down 13 stairs to the observation area overlooking THE CAVE! Take a few minutes to enjoy this hidden natural wonder of Ocala, then go back up the stairs... again, with your hand on the railing to your right.

As you continue on with your right hand on the railing, you will come to an opening in the rail with one step that leads down into a picnic area. Keeping your hand on the rail step down, pivot to the right and walk on the ground next to the boardwalk. (Look out for spider webs!)

Watch out! If you aren't careful you might crack your shin on one of the protruding boardwalk support posts that jut out. These supports are your guides. Look for the letterbox under the boardwalk at the 3rd support from the opening in the rail (heading back towards the cave). It is covered with a small tuft of moss. The nearby picnic table is a great place to open the box & do your stamping.

There are two small prizes in the box (one for each of the first two finders). Happy hunting!

~ The 3 P's ~