An Irish Blessing  LbNA # 34021

Placed DateAug 10 2007
LocationRingwood, NJ
Found By SugarMags
Last Found Oct 16 2011
Hike Distance?

THIS BOX IS ALIVE AND WELL.:)CHECKED by,Sera and Doobie on Friday,July 24th ,2009.( We did use the opportunity to administer a bit of first aid,though.)

Located at the Ringwood Manor House in Ringwood State Park,N.J.This circuit hike is aprox. 2 miles long.

Clues: easy
Terrain: easy
Time: 45 minutes -1 hour

• After entering the park, park your car in the first lot to the left

(Note: This is not the entrance to Shepard’s Lake ,Skylands Manor or the NJ State Botanical Gardens)
The Ringwood Manor House section costs $5.00 to park during summer weekends only. Weekdays are free.

• Walk towards the back of the Manor House.

• Look out at the grassy field, searching for the black iron "Gates to Nowhere".

• Cross through the gates and follow the lakeshore.

• You will come to a gravel road where you will see the markers of the Blue Trail.

• Bear left at the wildflower sign ,crossing over a wooden bridge.

• Pass the graves and tombstones of people from long ago.

• Continue to follow the blue markers and start to climb a little.

• After about 30 minutes or so you will come to a pipeline.

•At the pipeline,look very carefully for the blue markers and enter the forest there.

• Start to descend into a low-lying area, which may be a little wet at times.

• You will come to a stream, crossing it twice on boulders.

• Continuing to follow the markers of the Blue Trail, climb up and away from the stream towards a rock outcropping.

• Stop at the graffiti tree on the left.

• Stand with your left hand on “BT” .Then,continue to follow the Blue trail, walking approx 40 steps ahead to the place where the Blue Trail makes a very sharp right turn.

• Stop there.

• Looking down the trail to the right, you should see a tree with blue AND yellow markers on it.

• Looking straight ahead into the woods you will see an Elephantine boulder.

• Walk towards the boulder.

• Behind the Elephantine boulder is a Mammoth boulder.

• Go to the south side of the Mammoth boulder and stand with your back to the fissure.

• Walk 6 steps straight ahead.

• Look down.

• What you seek is there.. hidden in the small boulder outcropping at your feet.

• PLEASE be discreet while stamping in, as the Yellow Trail is right there on the North side of the Mammoth boulder

• PLEASE be sure to camouflage the box even better than you found it. Check your work before leaving.

• You can return the way you came or take the Yellow Trail. (The Yellow Trail is faster.)

• With your back to the fissure on the North side of the Mammoth boulder, make a Right on the Yellow Trail.

• This will take you back to the parking lot at the Manor House.Ringwood State Park offers picnic areas & grills.The Manor House is open Wednesday through Sundays, year round. Tours of the house are free! Enjoy. :)

~Sera & Doobie