Mapleton Park  LbNA # 34025 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 11 2007
LocationMenifee, CA
Planted ByTriple K Girls    
Found By his girl
Last Found Dec 29 2007
Hike Distance?

About 100 years ago, there was a cowboy who traveled working the Pony Express. One of his favorite places to stop was in Menifee. At one specific place, he would get off his horse, and tie him up, for he was very BUSHED from riding all day. Mapleton would tie up his horse to a METAL HANDRAIL, and with his back to HOMEPLATE of a SOFTBALL FIELD, he would take his BOX OF LETTERS and drop them off to his LEFT, just in case his horse grew anxious and ran away. Then Mapleton the cowboy would walk about 100 yards and meet up with a SOFTBALL FIELD, where he would practice alone. After practicing for a while, Mapleton too would be totally BUSHED, and would have to rest next to his horse on some CONCRETE STEPS. When he was done resting, he would put his back to the SOFTBALL FIELD, reach down with his LEFT, and pull out his LETTERBOX. His horse would no longer be BUSHED, so Mapleton would untie the horse from the METAL HANDRAIL, saddle up, and back on the Pony Express they would go.
Mapleton the cowboy called his horse Oak Meadows, and to this day, there is a park and school named there in their honor.
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The Triple K Girls