John Carpenter Series - Vampires  LbNA # 34042 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 12 2007
LocationBowling Green, KY
Found By the Emerald Bee
Last Found Aug 8 2008
Hike Distance?

*Update* Stamp has been stolen again! I plan to recarve, but will be finding a more secure spot. Check back for new clues.

Directions: From I-65, take exit 20 William H. Natcher Parkway toward Bowling Green/Owensboro. Take exit 4 for US-31W toward Bowling Green. Turn right at US-31W N. 31W turns into Nashville Rd.

Horror movie king John Carpenter was born in Carthage, New York but he and his family moved to Bowling Green, Kentucky in 1953. Many of his movies have Bowling Green references. This letterbox holds one of five John Carpenter stamps planted in the Bowling Green area.

Vampires Box:
Even now, on the eve of the 21st century, vampires rise from loamy graves in search of human prey. The blood they crave is the nectar of immortality, their thirst insatiable as needy fangs tear through the flesh of innocents. Your vampire hides at Lost River Cave. Can you catch him? You will have to visit the cave during daylight hours. Armed with your trusty stamp and ink, park in the lot and cross the bridge toward the nature trails. However, it is the cave you seek, so you will not stroll the trails at this time. Instead walk past the boat tour waiting area and turn left away from the trails.

Walk until you feel the cool air and see the blue hole. Continue until you reach the "Cave Valley of Dreams". Maybe you will feel the romantic aura of the site. It is said if you look into the blue waters of the river you will see your soul mate looking back. Beware that looking into those waters now may hold the face of your vampire.

Quickly continue on your way until you come face to face with Jesse James. His gang was believed to hide in this cave long ago. Stop and read about Jesse, John Hunt Morgan, and the old Cave Mill. You will be at the mouth of the largest cave opening east of the Mississippi. Walk quietly into the mouth of the cave and imagine the Big Bands that played here when it was an underground nightclub.

Once you have explored the cave and realized there are no vampires to be seen, go back to John Hunt Morgan and take the Riverwalk. You will walk along the river following the stone wall until you see a stump on your left that has electrical boxes on it. Face the stump. Your vampire is hiding about one long arm length to the right in the stone wall. There is a loose rock blocking opening. I hope he's sleeping! (*Note, last time I checked I could not get the rock loose. But, you can get your hand in the hole behind it.)

The cave tour runs this route so beware of crowds. Please make sure to reseal and rehide the box in it's original location securely with the rock in front of it. If you have time, take the underground boat tour. You may also want to retrace your steps back to the nature trails and find ky chameleon's cave critter series. The hike is beautiful!

They were charging to hike the trails, but when this box was planted, they had a sign that stated that the nature trails were free.