AM - 3  LbNA # 34073

Placed DateAug 4 2007
LocationPittsburgh, PA
Found By di & her guy
Last Found Jun 6 2010
Hike Distance?

This is the 3rd and final box in my Alma Mater series Unless of course I do something rediculous and decide to go back for more schooling :) I consider this to be the best stamp of the 3. By the amount of trash you will see in this area, you would think it was well traveled but I believe it to be more flooding wash down than anything. As always, please bring a trash bag and leave the place better than you found it.

Begin your quest at the Schenley Park visitors center, across from where the flowers thrive.

Follow the cobblestone road edged in black iron down into the park. Do not take the stairs.

At end of cobblestones, curve around to your left to continue your descent.

Over-arching over head.

With the stone foot bridge a short distance to your 12, you will notice stairs to your right and to your left. Forsake the stairs authorized by FDR. Reach for green instead. (This is somewhat misleading as you may soon discover.)

Don't tempt the troll to make an appearance, choose the open path instead.

Anything swimming on your right?

Golden steel overhead, concrete beneath your feet,
similar structures you'll soon meet.

Counter-clockwise round the pond to the semi-circle of stone. Sit a moment to enjoy the view. I had no idea this little hollow existed until I came searching for another letterbox. Unfortunately it has been removed, muggled maybe.

Look behind you to find the java tree. With your back to this tree, advance to the light post on your right.

From lampost, continue with your former rotation approximately 40 military paces. If you're beckoned to heed the skating warning, you've gone too far.

Take note of any people around you before proceeding stealthily.

In the woods to your right look for a large tree tipping at a 45 degree angle to it's right. Go under the tree and head directly uphill.

About halfway up is a majestic old maple with a skirt of roots that holds a SPOR. Watch for hikers above that may be spying.