BabeChick  LbNA # 34074

Placed DateJul 28 2007
LocationBristol, TN
Planted ByBabeChick    
Found By Beachcomber
Last Found Oct 19 2008
Hike Distance?

On a day bright and clear, BabeChick when out in quest of a new land to stay.
Off to the East, past the Cedars there about, to a Kingdom she found her way.
Enter she did through the Halverstadt gate built of brick and iron in part.
Since she knew of no need there to wait, quickly she followed her Hart.

A short distance down the hill ahead she spied the great gem, Kline.
There she looked for a path to tread and hope for some manner of sign.
Lone and straight stood an iron sentry on the sidewalk for all to see,
Pointing her to a spot of entry that led to a choice of three.

She best like the one that had a grand view and chose there to follow her beak
Toward a lawn, a lake and a pathway of “U” where once there had flowed a creek.
Downward, downward, downward she went at an even and steady rate.
Took the right arc as the pathway bent and then she followed it straight.

Counting as she make her trek; One, then two, then three
Off to the left, a trail to inspect and much more of the Kingdom to see.
While taking this path, six watchmen she spied, their appearance a thing to regard
Silently there they abide side by side towering over the yard.

The path they face, sloping off down the hill seemed a promising way to go.
So, enjoying the day she traveled at will, her pace steady and slow.
As BabeChick reached the end of this trail, she wondered about the next part.
Of this journey giving her such a thrill, so there she crossed her Hart.

A bit to the left stood a wee guard, all painted in colors of jade.
And atop his head, the 335 card, behind him a sloping grade.
There lay an Eden of treasure with a gentle babbling brook.
A place which gave her such pleasure, there was no need further to look.

There she did find, side by side in a row, what once had been great trees.
In their place of repose they no longer grow but span the brook with ease.
Beneath them she rested safe and deep but the journey had made her so tired.
She stopped, nodded and fell fast asleep knowing this was the spot she desired.

Search all around, she still can be found if you know just where to look
To the left underneath, down and around the end of the bridge is her nook.
Stop for awhile at her new home, enjoying this spot she found.
Then bid her farewell as onward you roam and tuck her back in safe and sound.