Maine Morsel  LbNA # 34085

OwnerGrumpy Grinch      
Placed DateAug 13 2007
Location?????, ME
Found By Hez, Grumpy and Mona
Last Found Nov 10 2014
Hike Distance?

Update 27 June 2014 Box was found and cleaned up, new logbook now in place. It is active again .

Go to the place in southern Maine where you can shop until you drop. Find the place to get all your camping, fishing, and other outdoor gear. Circle the parking lot in a counter-clockwise direction. Pass EXPLOSIVES. Stop at the two boulders near the end of the fence and a lamp post. Look behind the first tall oak tree a few steps to the northwest. OR go to the northeast corner of the hotdog stand in the parking lot. Walk 100 steps due north to the same tree. Look behind the tree under rocks and bark.