Two Childhood Memories  LbNA # 34149

Placed DateAug 16 2007
LocationNewport, OR
Found By Heron-A-Foot
Last Found Dec 9 2008
Hike Distance?

This letterbox has been temperarily removed due to weather damage, as i do not live close to the letterbox positions i will be replacing them soon.

This search should be done in tennis shoes and long pants.

This Letterbox is one (or two) of my childhood memories, once you find them read what is in them and you will learn more about those memories.

Frome 101 North bound - Take the last right before you go over the bridge. Then take the first left and continue straight till you are at the jetty and find a place to park.

From 101 South bound - Take the first right after the bridge, then take the second left and continue till you are at the jetty and find a place to park.

#1 Go to the first telephone pole on the east end. Walk east along the road 38 steps. To your right are two small bolders, from these take the trail to the left for 35 steps. Take the trail to the left for 130 steps. You will see a road ahead of you to the east. Turn right on road directly after lightpost. Continue on road and follow curve slightly, take left off road between old growth and new growth. Go down steep short hill and continue until you come to a steep hill of sand to your left. On top of the hill you will see a tree with rope dangling from a limb. Beneath this tree is the memory you seek.

#2 - Find your way back to the Telephone pole (though be carfull you dont eat sand like I have many times) Beneath a rock you can sit, you will find the home of memory number 2
HINT - It is not on the main structure.