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Placed DateAug 15 2007
LocationStockton Springs, ME
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Last Found Sep 14 2008
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John Rackham, more commonly known as Calico Jack, was an English pirate captain in the early 1700's. He first worked as a quartermaster in 1718 on a ship that belonged to Charles Vane. Upon spotting a French warship, Vane wanted to retreat, rather then board the ship. So upon spying an uncharted island, the crew mutinied against him, left him on the beach, and sailed away. They made John their captain, who immediately boarded and took over the French vessel.
Calico Jack, as he was called from the colorful calico clothing from India he wore, wasted no time. The very same day he was made captain, he plundered many an innocent vessel, making him and his crew notoriously famous. His pirate flag, the skull with swords, was created soon after. Once, while drinking in a local tavern, he met a woman named Anne Bonny. He decided to court her, and eventually asked if she would like to come along pirating with them. She agreed and dressed as a man so the crew would take little notice in her. Cap'n Calico Jack Rackham was eventualy caught and excuted along with most of his crew in Jamaica on November 17, 1720.

To get to yer point of interest...
If traveling west on US-1, turn left onto Steamboat Wharf Rd., 3.9 miles from the Penobscot Narrows Bridge. If traveling east on US-1, turn right onto Steamboat Wharf Rd., 2.2 miles from the US-1/1A junction. Sandy Point Beach State Park is located at the end of Steamboat Wharf Rd.(NOTICE: If you are searching in the winter, you may want to park on Hershey Retreat Rd. and walk the rest. The hill is very steep and is usualy covered in ice and snow.)

[PIRATE VOICE:] Once you've parked yer driving machine, face the water, for you must now walk the plank(s)! HAR, HAR, wait... we be on land? Oh... once yer on the beach, head South. You'll pass the remains of the Steamboat Wharf. Many a ship has been plundered here, mostly the U.S. and the British's doings.(Check out the park brochure!) Keep going 'round the bend, and you'll soon spot a concrete bunker. That be me hidey-hole for me rum!(And if ye spot any leftovers, don't touch 'em, they be MINE!!!) Find the big gray rock in front of the bunker, a good place to sit and empty the sand from yer boots! Then by takin' 22 largish paces, continue on yer merry way in the direction ye wer goin'. STOP.. and turn right, toward the brush along thee shore. Ther'll be a big driftwood log and a small clearing in the bushes. 'X' marks the spot below me treasure chest, which be buried beneath some rocks an sticks! Please keep the 'X' in shape, and hide it well! Oh, an one more thing... Beware the KRAKEN!!!