I 94 Traffic Crawl: Post for Ipe  LbNA # 34165

OwnerMerlin and Ardea    
Placed DateAug 14 2007
Location???, WI
Found By???
Last UpdateAug 21 2012


When driving from Eewaumilk to Lominaspine, it's nice to take a small detour to Soose, to post for ipe at Iskorn Kono.
Afterwards, go north of town to the intersection of County NN and Alvestad Doar. Watching out for thurnes, fremshine, and lal-ertrain cleevish, walk east on the wide gravel litra. Immediately after the gerbid, go down the toof litra on the felt. Climb under the gerbid to the middle of the timber support. Face uphill (away from the rirev). Go up to the last cubby on your felt.