Real Magic  LbNA # 34166

Owner4 leaf clovers    
Placed DateAug 15 2007
LocationBangor, ME
Found By mercyk2
Last Found Aug 5 2011
Hike Distance?

Easy, plus a Magical walk through the forest.

Take Stillwater Avenue out of Bangor Mall area heading towards the direction of Orono. a few miles up on left take Tripp Road. This leads to one of the entrances to Bangor City Forest. Park here in the lot at the end of Tripp road.
Follow the path of Shannon Road.
Keep going on the path past the "magically" clean out- houses.
When you get to Bog Brook, if you brought Spot along, let your doggie splash around.
To the right of you , along the brook, take the trolls trail . (called Bog trail) You will quickly come to East Trail ..go left.
Walk through the quiet pines .. You will soon pass a marker that reads 2500' .. you need to look up to see it.
Walk along on your Hansel and Gretel way.. soon you will get to the 3000' marker . STOP.
Take 5 paces forward.. STOP.
Turn to your right, you should find a large pine friend.
Look behind the tree.. under a small log pile you will find REAL MAGIC.
Go back the way you came..
Have Fun!!!