Treasure Trail  LbNA # 34213

OwnerMr Scooby Snax      
Placed DateAug 17 2007
CountyBlack Hawk
LocationCedar Falls, IA
Found ByIAfarmgirl
Last UpdateMay 17 2009



This letterbox is missing.

My clues were stolen last month, and now my letterbox was stolen. It's not a good start to the year for letterboxing.

On Hudson road in Cedar Falls (exit 224 on Highway 20), turn East on Erik drive. Continue driving until two streets come together: An "iceberg's parent" and a type of "donut." Where these come together, park your vehicle. Head Southeast on the footpath. Cross the creek over the bridge and turn right at "05 K 77." Look for a pile of "three things that a gentleman would wear to a formal event." To your left (East), there is a windbreak of small trees. Starting at the Northern most end, walk about 11 paces along the treeline. To your left will be a small deer path through the windbreak. Walk East about fifteen feet along the deer path until you see a pile of rocks that looks out of place. There you will find the letterbox!!