A Unique Landmark (replaced)  LbNA # 34221

OwnerNac Trail Cat    
Placed DateSep 19 2007
LocationFM 31, Deadwood, TX
Found By Blue Butterfly
Last Found Feb 14 2009
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 30 2015

This box is placed at the only remaining international boundary marker inside the contiguous United States. The marker is a granite shaft driven into the ground to mark Texas’ eastern boundary established by the 1819 Adams-Onis Treaty. “U.S.” is chiseled on the east face of the marker and “R.T.” for Republic of Texas is chiseled on the west face.
To learn more about this interesting site, google “A Unique Landmark” and it will take you to an article written by Bob Bowman, a popular East Texas historian and author.

From Deadwood TX: Drive 10 miles south of Deadwood on FM 31. The roadside area where the boundary marker is located will be on the left, or north side, of the highway at the Louisiana/Texas state line. Drive in and park.

From Logansport LA: Take LA State Hwy. 764 north, approximately 3 miles, to the "Y" intersection with LA State Hwy. 765. At the "Y", take LA State Hwy. 765 to the left, or northwest, approximately 2 miles, to the Louisiana/Texas state line. The roadside area where the boundary marker is located will be on the right, or north side, of the highway. Drive in and park.

NOTE: The highway numbers change at the state line.

The boundary marker is surrounded by a small fence. After viewing the marker and reading the plaque, look toward the west entrance where you will see a group of 4 large pine trees. Walk around the trees counterclockwise until you see two of the trees growing close together. You can find the box between those two trees under the usual forest floor material. After stamping in, please carefully rehide the letterbox. Thanks for looking.

Have fun and enjoy this unusual landmark.