The One and Only....  LbNA # 34246

Placed DateAug 18 2007
LocationBeaverton, OR
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Alive and well : 1 January 2012

The One and Only...

an excerpt from green_armyman's book of phrases :

'beaglus runnus fastis' – a latinish sounding phrase describing the phenomenon of what happens when Root the beagle gets off her leash in the woods while completely ignoring her master.

The clue :

The other day, I stopped at Tualatin Hills Nature Park to take Root for a walk, we parked at the interpretive center and made it to the flagpole when we saw the dreaded 'No dogs allowed' sign. As I turned to head back to the car, Root saw a squirrel, slipped out of her harness, and was off like a shot. Beaglus runnus fastis.... Seeing as she ( Root ) was not supposed to be there, I ran after her to try and gather her up as quickly as possible. I was hot on her heels, calling wildly for her to come as I passed a sign warning of the dangers of 'leaves of 3' and headed down the Vine Maple trail. I almost caught her when she took a left onto the Ponderosa Loop trail, but that squirrel was still making tracks and Root wasn't gonna let it get away. I heard Root's baying as she pulled ahead of me while following the Ponderosa Loop to the left. Root was showing no signs of easing the pace as we continued around the loop, past a bench, and over a bridge. At this point, Root was out of my sight and I had to follow her at the next junction based on the barking coming from 290 degrees. Very soon, I passed a path marked by a Stein ( which would normally be a good reason to slow down and visit rather than keep going ), however, I stayed heading roughly north instead of taking the Stein path since I really needed to get Root back before she got into more trouble. At the next major junction, I heard barking to the left and followed the path for 88 steps before turning left again. I heard Root still howling after her squirrel friend as I passed a place where some naughty bugs defaced a tree. At the next crossing of paths, I knew I was getting closer because I could hear her sniffing at a heading of 300 degrees from the tree in the center of the path. With another burst of speed, I tried to narrow the margin of her lead as I passed by the turnoff for the trail named after Oregon's state animal. I ran down a boardwalk and past some frogs that didn't distract Root from her squirrel-quarry because they weren't croaking, yet they hadn't croaked either. Odd. As I continued down that path, I saw some footprints and had to investigate briefly to make sure Root was still on course. Yep, heron, beaver, and deer footprints, but no beagle ones. I knew I was still on the right path. I continued over the water on a most 'EXCEL'lent bridge and caught a brief glimpse of a beagle still racing neck in neck with the squirrel at 305 degrees down a boardwalk. I hurried past a beaver gnawing on a tree that didn't bother to move at the sight of me since it could see I was trying to catch my beagle. When I couldn't go straight any farther for fear of getting in trouble, I took a hard left up into a grove of cedars. The squirrel and Root were well within sight now, and I saw them take a left when they came to a Jeanie ( out of the magic lamp ) who was quoting Shakespeare. I was right on top of the squirrel and Root as I chased them for 109 paces down the trail. Then the oddest thing happened, I can only guess that the squirrel was tired from the chase and decided to end it by running up the tree to the right. That's when it happened, Root leaped off the log right in front of the tree and chased that squirrel right up the tree, but beagles aren't made for tree-climbing and she subsequently got stuck. After stepping up on the log that Root had bounded off, I quickly pulled her out of the nook she was stuck in and carried her back to the car while hoping that none of the rangers would get mad at her little chase while being the 'One and Only...' beagle in the park for the day.

Other information :

To get the best image from this stamp, ink the stamp, lay it face up, and gently rub the paper on the stamp, instead of inking up the stamp and pressing the stamp on the paper.

happy beagle hunting,