Dodads at Shades State Park  LbNA # 34249

Placed DateAug 12 2007
LocationMarshall, IN
Planted ByBe a DoDad    
Found By Kokopelli Crew
Last Found Sep 6 2010
Hike Distance?

The dads and their daughters from the dodad group camped at Shades Park this year -2007. We welcomed some new friends and renewed last year’s acquaintances. Similar to last year, we had nearly 30 in all, just fathers and their daughters. This year the girls expanded their palates and enjoyed bison and elk meat. They liked the elk so much, they had OUR seconds. Again our chef made more than we could consume, but it was soooo good we all did the best we could, we even shared some of our special chicken poppers with the DNR patrol. On this trip the night sky was awesome! We could see the milky way, shooting stars, and even satellites orbiting the earth. What a view!

As our daughters grow older we are realizing we don’t have but a few more of these special times left. It is difficult to watch our little girls grow up so fast. These are memories we as dads will cherish the rest of our lives, we can only hope and pray the girls will look back on these times with as much fondness as we do.

Where will next year’s adventure take us?

Our fist letterbox was very difficult to get to, but had easy directions to follow. This letterbox is easy to get to, but difficult to direct.

At Shades Park, there is a rock formation known as the Devil’s Punch Bowl. Going down the steps to this unique bowl shaped rock formation, turn right heading along the ground away from the bowl itself. Approximately 30 yards on your left are some very large boulders that seem to have fallen from the cliff rocks above. With these boulders to your back, look up the side of the hill. There are 4 trees growing up the embankment near the steps you just descended. Nestled in the rocks by the second tree from your left you should find our hidden letterbox. You may have to search the many cracks. The box is ~8 inches long, so it should be easy enough to find – we hope.

Be sure to send us an email and let us know if you find it.