Inferno  LbNA # 3426

Placed DateJun 30 2002
LocationBellevue, NE
Found By J&LA
Last Found Apr 8 2014
Hike Distance?


Copy of original clues, with a map, can be found on the Wayback Machine at:

Inferno Letterbox

Adopted April 6, 2014 by J&LA (we found it Dec 1, 2013)
Placed June 30, 2002 by Scott, Roxanne, Andy and Emily

I had hoped to claim the title to Nebraska's first wilderness style hiking letterbox, but it looks like Steve might have beat me to it by only an hour or so with his Sunshine Letterbox! Plan to hike about two or three miles round trip. Take plenty of water, as the treacherous land about the Inferno will certainly seek to drain every bit of water from your body and turn you to dust under the hot sun. Keep an ear out for cyclists. They often don't expect to encounter hikers along the trail.

You may leave the letterbox the way you came, but I recommend heading up and east to the Forgotten Hills and then turn south. Part of that trail runs along an abandoned railroad. If you're lucky, you can eat some sweet, ripe mulberries along the trail to the Hills.

The Location

Bellevue, Sarpy County, Nebraska. Look at the clues for Sunshine Letterbox for the place to get started. I don't want to give away Steve's location. Contact me if you need help with the location of the place to get started.

Hint: Fjnafba Cnex, Pbeauhfxre Eq. (Decode at

The Clues

A map

Only one clue. About 60 paces East along the trail near NW corner of the Land of Hades is a deep dip. Cross the dip and look North to a large tree with two lag bolts screwed into it. Stand about a yard South of this tree and shoot a line through the "V" due North to another tree. The letterbox lies under that tree.

The Letterbox

Please seal the book within the two bags. Seal the stamp only in one. This ensures the book doesn't get ink marks from the stamp.

Special note: The clues to Letterboxing Nebraska can be found in the Inferno logbook. The first to the Letterboxing Nebraska letterbox will also find a surprise!