Mother May I Go To Camp?  LbNA # 34264 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerRed Clay    
Placed DateAug 19 2007
LocationRound Hill, VA
Found By Hikinghams
Last Found Oct 12 2007
Hike Distance?

AVAILABLE UNTIL: 12 July 2008 when it will be retired and you'll have to search for the new camp stamp...

Difficulty: Easy, appropriate for all ages. Compass bearings are indicated, but you will also be able to find if you do not have a compass.

The Loudoun County Parks Recreation and Community Services Department plays host to a wide variety of school-age camps every summer. This summer brings the first ever Letterboxing camp! New-boxer, Happy Quilter, longtime Loudoun County resident, teamed up with her daughter-in-law, Origami Angel of Team Red Clay from Hampton, VA to bring the wonderful hobby of letterboxing to the youth of Loudoun County. This letterbox is dedicated in honor of the inaugural class of campers set to experience this quest. This box will be available for approximately one year. Next year this box will be retired and a new stamp commemorating “Summer Camp 2008” will take its place in a new location. Happy hunting and we hope you enjoy this nostalgic retreat to one of our favorite childhood games…


Box is on the grounds of the Round Hill Center in Round Hill, VA. From Rt. 7 Business, turn RIGHT onto 719 (Main St.) and make the first LEFT onto 1302. Follow through sharp elbow to the right to end at the Round Hill Center. Check out the sign as you enter the parking area. Park anywhere in the parking lot. And now our fun begins…

The game will begin with participants in a line in front of the twin bear cubs. Can you find them?

Mother, may I go look for a letterbox? Yes, you may.

Mother, may I take 39 full-grown giant steps? Yes, you may, on a bearing of 289°.

(You should be standing next to a large forked tree, which has a natural hiding place on its northern side).

Mother, may I take 95 baby steps? Yes, you may, on a bearing of 280°.

(You should now be standing next to a lone, rusty goal).

Mother, may I take 35 adult-sized steps? Yes, you may, “protection” comes on a bearing of 220°.

Mother, may I face the double fields? Yes, you may.

Mother, may I take a rest on the bench I see? Yes, you may, if a game is not in play and you are careful of the possible yellow jackets! (UPDATED 8.24.2007: The day we took the campers to this box, 3 of us were stung by yellow jackets, it is my understanding that the center has since resolved the problem. However, please exercise caution in this area). Then, proceed to the sidewalk.

***Side note: Happy Quilter and Origami Angel sure love brownies! Brownies are usually baked in a 9x9 pan. If you calculate the total square inches of brownies you would have from this size pan…you’ll know how many cracks you’ll have to step on in order to reach your next destination. (We trust no mothers will be harmed by this evolution).

Wow, that sure was a lot of cracks to count!

Mother, may I proceed? Yes, you may if you complete this popular phrase used during a space shuttle launch. 10, 9, 8, 7,…

(BUT STOP ON 2!!!)

Mother, may I go around the fence? Yes, you may if you can decode my riddle…LEFT is RIGHT, but RIGHT is wrong. Go RIGHT around the fence. (Don’t be wrong or you’ll be LEFT!)

Whew, that was close!

Mother, may I walk to the edge of the tennis net? Yes, you may.

Mother, may I take 5 frog jumps? Yes, you may, on a bearing of 280°.

(Don’t get trapped where old tennis nets go to die!)

Congratulations, you win! Follow the vine entangled in the tennis net to the base of a tree that is weighted by a few rocks unlike all the others. The treasure you seek will be beneath the rock closest to you. Please stamp in and rehide carefully. This is a tightly packed box so you will have to make sure all bags are sealed and air is released in order for it to close! We hope you enjoyed our little game of “Mother, May I Go To Camp?”

Hopefully, if you are school age…you will be asking this very same question for letterboxing camp next summer!