Waters in Minnesota, #4: Lilydale  LbNA # 34281

Placed DateAug 18 2007
LocationSt. Paul, MN
Found By bendythumbs
Last Found May 8 2008
Hike Distance?

Start in the parking lot of Lilydale Regional Park, just down the road from Harriet Island. Take the trail from the parking lot and walk until you reach where the creek crosses under the trail. Turn off the trail to follow the creek bed upstream. There is a foot path (fades in and out some) along the right side of the creek, or you can usually actually walk from rock to rock up the creek. Continue following the creek for approximatly a 1/2 mile until you reach the beautiful 30 foot waterfall. At the base (about 15 feet out) of the waterfall there will be a 20 foot rock wall on your right. Following the rock foot-holds, carefully climb to the top of the wall. You will see a well-worn foot path. Follow it to your right (north) about 10 paces. On your right you will see a fallen tree pointing toward the creek. At the middle of the tree reach behind and under (moving the branches and leaves away). Between the tree and the ground you will find the box. Please rehide carefully with more branches and leaves when you are done. From here you will see the original trail you started on. You can follow it up the hill for more of a hike. Or, to return to your starting point, you can take the same route that you came up, or you can follow the trail back down the hill and around to the parking lot.