Ohio: The heart of it All  LbNA # 34306

OwnerWee Walkers    
Placed DateAug 19 2007
LocationBrecksville, OH
Found By Saddle Bag
Last Found Sep 11 2008
Hike Distance?

This box is located in the Brecksville Reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks. For a map and directions visit clevelandmetroparks.com

This box involves some smaller trails and rougher terrain, the Wee's were able to hike along but it may be a bit nerve-racking for the faint of heart. Be careful on the inclines and along the cliff/ravine edges.

Start you hike at the Harriet Keeler Picnic Area. This large wooden shelter is perfect for a picnic lunch. Head behind the shelter and find the trail marker for the Hemlock Loop Trail its symbol is a green pine tree. Sit a spell on James Anderson's bench, when ready head to the right down the slight slope. At the first "Y" in the trail head to the right/straight. This trails descends and makes a sharp turn to the right. Be on the lookout for the Chippewa Creek Loop Trail you should see the marking just over the narrow boardwalk. Head on the chippewa trail almost as if you were heading back the way you came, this time on a new trail. At the river do not cross, you can join the trail across the river and loop back to the boardwalk another day!(bring your waders :).

Head to the left up the small trail that heads to the pine forest. You'll follow this trail westerly along the river. keep the river to your right and the pines to your left. You will come to a very steep hill and a tree has kindly laid steps with its roots, careful now, head up this incline. Just ahead two large trees line your path and two smaller trees cross your path. Now look for Sarah Marie who was here in 1990. Head 12 paces more to the large oak. In line with this oak just down the hill you'll find your prize. If you see Becca and Jenna turn around and look for the oak again! The box is hidden under a rock or two. Be sure gravity doesn't pull the rocks down the hill and expose the box. Continue the way you were headed and you'll join the Y you once passed :)