Farm House  LbNA # 34317

Placed DateAug 20 2007
LocationNacogdoches, TX
Found By EWin13
Last Found Jan 24 2010
Hike Distance?

1. Go to the Sterne Hoya soccer fields.
While there, if you go on a Saturday, you might find some games going on. There is also a bit of the Lanana Creek trail that is worth a small walk:) It is very close to the Sterne Hoya house which is very historical :)

2. walk up to the open pavilion, then follow the sidewalk to the back of the concession stand/bathrooms.
3. There will be a green building raised off of the ground. Go to the side facing the woods.
4. Turn your back to the green building and face the woods. There will be a small gap or path into the woods. (there might or might not be some painted, metal frames laying there)
5. Walk to that gap. There will be a corner of a wood fence and a tree.
6. Go to the corner of the fence behind the tree.
7. The box is hidden beneath a medium sized rock and some leaves.

Good Luck!!