Aquamarine Limosuine  LbNA # 34320 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 12 2007
LocationColumbia, CA
Planted ByGreen Coyote    
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Aquamarine Limosuine
Hike time: 10 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Going on CA-49 south toward Sonora, turn left onto Parrots Ferry Rd toward Columbia State Park. Follow Parrots Ferry for about two miles and turn right on Columbia St into Columbia State Park. Pass the "Fallen House Theater" on left. Park at the end of the main parking lot. Walk down the paved road towards what looks like an unfinished little house. A sign says that "this is the Annual Columbia Diggin's, A Recreation of the town of Columbia as it may have appeared in 1852." Go into the little town. Pass the aquamarine building thats on the left and walk toward the large wooden device used for mining. To the right of it is a small trail. Follow the trail staying to the right and you will see a rock with a hole in it. 40 paces past the rock is a large pine tree. "x" marks the spot! Under the rock is the letterbox!

Good luck and check out the rest of the park while you are there!:) Let me know when you find it and try not to let other people see you dig it up! Thanks!!!