Placed DateAug 20 2007
LocationHickory, NC
Planted ByTHE SEEKERS 1108    
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Hwy 127 North, Carolina Park, Hickory, NC
Set on the outskirts of downtown, this arboretum provides a terrific lesson in botany, thanks to the forethought of local folks. They established the site in 1936 within Carolina Park, which was founded some 30 years earlier. These days, more than 400 species of trees and shrubs are labeled, allowing folks to expand their knowledge and discover their favorite specimens. The three-acre arboretum makes for a lovely stroll.
Hwy 127 is easily accessable from Hwy 70 0r I 40 in Hickory.
(Hwy 127 is also called 2nd St. NE) ....The IVY ARBORETUM is directly across from the Hickory Fire Dept. If you circle around the park to the backside, on street parking is available.
Start at the rear of the park at the WOMENS RESOURCE CENTER. To the right of this building there is a concrete bench beside a large "Southern Red Oak". From the edge of this bench looking into the park, you can see a "Japanese Black Pine" which has been struck by lightening and it's whole top half is gone. Go to this tree. From the Japanese black pine go straight ahead..take 60 steps .. you will see a fire hydrant on your right and a "Japanese Crabapple" on your left..... at 60 steps you'll find another bench. Sit on this bench and look over your left shoulder.... Close to the road near the corner you'll see a large twisted trunk tree. This is the "Chinese Empress Tree". From the label of this big tree take 30 steps S/SE to the "Kentucky Coffee Tree". Take this sidewalk into the park.
Walk this sidewalk until you see a grafiti tree on your left. This is an "American Beech Tree". With your back to JOEY BROWN, look straight ahead. You'll see another bench. Walk over and have a seat on the bench. Look behind you.... there in the Christmas Bushes... (Holly and Winter Berry). See the low hanging branches touching the ground ??? The letterbox is hidden under those low branches, covered by leaves.
We learned a lot about trees, some we had never heard of. Please take time to look around the park. They have a directory that states the name of all 400+ varieties of trees and shrubs in the park. The park extends across the side street as well. There are a few more varieties on that side.
We hope you have enjoyed your Arboretum Letterbox Adventure !!!!

Bring your own ink... and your own pen !! Please be sure to rehide well.