Take It Easy  LbNA # 34332

Placed DateJul 5 2008
LocationLake Forest, IL
Planted ByInky Otter    
Found By Leapin' Lizards
Last Found Jun 21 2010
Hike Distance?

What better place to take it easy than at South Park, bring your tennis racquet if you wish.

Head to the Tennis Courts at South Park.

Stand on the outside of the courts on the opposite side of the bushes, just where the net meets the fence.

Turn 180 degrees. Walk forward. You will be heading towards the train tracks.

Walk past where the tree used to grow.
Pass over the white rock. Head straight to the woods.

See the maple tree?
Walk 4 or 5 steps into the place where the maple grows.

There you will find the "Take It Easy" Letterbox.

It is O.K. to get stumped, but PLEASE make sure to cover your tracks and re-hide the box carefully as there are many bikers, joggers, etc... on path near the box.