Presidential Series Kelmark #13  LbNA # 34358

Placed DateAug 4 2007
LocationMedina, OH
Found By KehresClan
Last Found Apr 2 2014
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Presidential Series
Kelmark Box 13

Richard Mihous Nixon #37th President. In the year of our Lord One Thousand Sixty Nine, along with the Flower Power Age. Were music and love made a difference!
There are four different entrances to Reagan Park. And they all lead to the center or core of this very useful playground. This park is 316 acres.

It has mountain biking trails to bike for. Anyone who enjoys mountain biking this is it. This is one of the 11 parks the City of Medina has.

You are going to use the entrance off of Weymouth Road or better known as Route #3. There will be a colorful playground close to the gated parking lot. There is also main entrance at the flashing light and Bowman St., marked with a Green Sign and the word Reagan. You can use that one too. It will take you to the core of the Park. But you want to us the parking lot before or after the main entrance it is about 1000 feet east of the flashing light.

Let us begin. Park your car in the parking lot by the colorful playground. Check for your supplies. You will need a compass, pen, your log book and anything else of use. Water Bug Spray etc.

This Series was jointly planted with Travel’in Turtle so please look for her clues as well they are in close proximally.


There is a Baseball Field at the end of this parking lot. Step onto the Asphalt and walk to your left. Follow this path down over the hill. It will take you into the core of the Park. Up above you will see a Skateboard Arena by a brick building. There will be a Radio Controlled Car Track across the creek and parking lots. Follow the Asphalt towards the Pavilion.

Walk up the path and follow the Lamp Post Lights. You will be coming towards the end of the asphalt path. This will be Reagan Road. On your left, U will see the last bike path before you get to the fences; this is the “Crooked Trail of Nixon”.

Was he really “The Trickster”, “Tricky Dick”, “Iron Butt”, or was he just a scapegoat. Follow this trail for more of a history lesson at

Follow this trail; you will know you are on the right path when you see the Post with the red band carved with a hiker. Follow this trail. For a crooked bit. You will then come to a vortex of large trees four (4) in a shape of a diamond. The Easterly most tree has the Letter E, which stands for Everette Howard Hunt, CIA agent or better (nka) the “watergate burgler”……… Stand to the west of that tree. Go west 8 to 10 paces. You will come to a tree ha…… Keeping looking west and take an additional 8 paces to another tree that has moss growing on the lower part of the trunk. Under the rock is the Treasure.

He never admitted to criminal wrongdoing, although he later conceded errors of judgment. On November 17, 1973, at a televised question and answer session with the press, Nixon said, “People have got to know whether or not their President is a crook. Well, I'm not a crook. I've earned everything I've got”. He was the only President to resign.

Thank you for sharing your time and hobby with me. Have a great hike. Kelmark.