Lapin Français  LbNA # 34378

Placed DateAug 11 2007
LocationLostine, OR
Planted ByPungent Pig    
Found By Kwene B
Last Found Sep 14 2007
Hike Distance?

On a recent backpacking adventure, we had several animal companions that accompanied us. Some even made it to the summit of Eagle Cap, while a couple of very affable French Rabbits stayed back in camp awaiting our return. Other than the fact that one of them relieved himself on one of our backpacks on more than one ocassion, these bunnies were welcome companions most evenings. On our last day, as we drove down the Lostine River Road, one of them spotted a chimney that would make a very cozy home for un petit Lapin Français.

NOTE: Both the stamps and “logbook” were made on the fly from materials we had with us. If anyone would care to add a more suitable book for this letterbox, it would be much appreciated. (Think Altoids tin sized.)