The three amigos trail  LbNA # 34408

Placed DateAug 22 2007
LocationEllicott City, MD
Planted Bythree amigos    
Found By dewlovers
Last Found Jun 7 2010
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The Three Amigos Trail
We are the Three Amigos and these are our letterboxes. We will give you clues and hope
you have fun finding them.
Our boxes are hidden on the Cascade Trail in the Orange Grove section of the Patapsco Valley State Park. This part of the park is located in Elkridge on South Street off of Route 1.
From Route 1, turn onto South Street and then immediately left into the park. Continue on the park road until you come to a T. Turn left. The road then turns right. Follow the road until you come to the swinging bridge on the right. Just past the bridge is a large parking lot on your left. Park here.

1. Walk on the road to the trail opposite the swinging bridge. This is the Cascade Trail. It has blue blazes.
2. Go up the Cascade Trail past a bench on the left and a rail fence on the left.
3. At the end of the fence, the trail divides. Take the lower (left) trail still following the blue blazes.
4. Cross the stream on large rocks.
5. Turn right and go up the stone steps.
6. At the top of the steps the Ridge Trail (goes to the left, orange blazes) meets the Cascade Trail (goes to the right, still blue blazes).
7. Stand beside the Ridge Trail sign and walk 28 to 30 steps on the Cascade Trail to a fallen log on the right. The log is next to a tree on which JOE and JP are carved.
8. Walk about 8 to 10 steps next to (and to the left of) the log and then look under the log for Box #1 – Soccer Rocks.
9. Continue on the trail following the blue blazes and with the stream on the right.
10. The trail splits. There is a steep downhill path to the right and an uphill path to the left. Take the left path.
11. Pass a large white tree with a blue blaze on the right.
12. The trails rejoins into one.
13. After the next tree with a blue blaze (and DAD DAN NICK carved up about 10 feet) the trail turns right and goes across the stream.
14. Just across the stream, see a blue blaze on a fallen stump
15. From the stump, take 25 to 28 steps.
16. Look right for a tall standing dead tree leaning against a skinny tree.
17. Look under the roots behind rocks at the base of the dead tree for Box#2 – Flower Power.
18. Continue on the blue trail.
19. The trail crosses the stream again and turns right.
20. Pass a fallen tree with a 9-foot root ball (on right).
21. Pass a tree with a small tunnel all the way through its base.
22. The trail goes uphill and splits again. You may go right or left.
23. The trails rejoin.
24. Pass a big tree on the right with lots of bumps on it and some moss at its base.
25. Cross a small bridge.
26. Go over a silver pipe through which a small stream runs.
27. From the pipe go about 29 steps to a skinny tree with a blue blaze that is in the middle of the trail.
28. From the skinny tree go 40 to 45 steps just past a stump at the left of the trail.
29. Turn left and walk uphill to the base of a fallen tree. Box #3 – Pony Pals is there.
30. Congratulations!! You have completed the Three Amigos Trail.