Le Chat Dans Le Cimetiere  LbNA # 34434 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 23 2007
LocationPlymouth, OH
Found By Stampy
Last Found Aug 13 2015
Hike Distance?

State Route 61 and State Route 98 converge on the southern edge of a small town in North-Central Ohio named Plymouth (although it was once known as Paris). Where these roads meet is the town’s cemetery, Greenlawn Cemetery, off of S.R. 98.

Enter the Greenlawn Cemetery from the main entrance on S.R. 98, and immediately turn LEFT at the “Grave Site Regulations” sign. (For the purposes of this clue, you should ignore gravel or dirt roads and stay only on paved roads.)

Take the first road to the RIGHT up a small hill. To your left will be a large mausoleum. Follow the paved road and at the fork, turn LEFT. At the next fork, turn LEFT again.

There will be a large pine tree to the left of this road. Drive to it, and park on its Western side. Depending on traffic in the cemetery (which is usually quite light), you may be able to leave your car on the paved road. Otherwise, there is a grassy area you can pull off on.

Roughly facing North, look for Broadhead (d. 1902 and 1898). Walk towards it and continue walking straight past it until you reach Ganong. Stand between Ganong and the bush next to it. If you kneel down and search under the bush, you will find Le Chat Dans Le Cimetiere!