Rockaway Beach  LbNA # 34446 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 19 2007
LocationRockaway Beach, OR
Found By LaughingGravy
Last Found Jul 20 2014
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Rockaway Beach

Road trip! Are we there yet? How much longer?

Our family loves to vacation at Rockaway Beach. If you are driving Hwy 101, why not take a break in this beautiful town, find a letterbox, and stretch your legs?

Clues to box: This box is just a few blocks off of Hwy 101 in Rockaway Beach's City Park. From Hwy. 101, turn EAST (away from ocean) onto N. 3rd St. [Landmark for turnoff is Rockaway Beach Post Office]

Follow N. 3rd to the second of the two entrances to City Park at N. Falcon St. (Do not enter at the Coral Street entrance.) [Landmark for left turn at N. Falcon is the Neah-Kah-Nie School District office building]

Park in gravel lot at City Park. It should have a few picnic tables, a trash can, and nothing much else. Look West for a grove of cedar trees and walk through it to its northwest corner. See a trail into the woods? Proceed about 12 steps along this trail until you are abreast of the huge stump on your right with a large conifer growing from it. Stop and look left (west). See a jagged tree stump with some underbrush growing out of it? Walk a few steps along the path to the jagged stump and find a triangular hollow beneath the stump. Your prize awaits under debris in the lower right corner of the hollow.

Stamp it up and go see the view from up the hill. It is worth the steep but well-paved drive. To get there, go to N. 2nd and turn up the hill onto Pacific View. Wind your way up as high as you want to go. You can see the Twin Rocks that we like to say is really a sea monster...