Lets go to the movies #2  LbNA # 34451 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 25 2007
LocationGastonia, NC
Planted ByTHE SEEKERS 1108    
Found By turtlelove
Last Found Oct 6 2007
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Kid Friendly (Playground)
Pet Friendly
Not toooooo far to walk. easy terrain.

A drama adapted from a sensational Southern tale, this movie was released in May of 1958.
Based on a classic Faulkner short story, BARN BURNING, this tale of a pyromaniac whose son runs off and gets blamed for setting fires in other towns stars PAUL NEWMAN, JOANNE WOODWARD (Newmans wife) and ORSON WELLS. It also features a very young ANGELS LANSBURY who later starred in the popular tv series MURDER SHE WROTE.

Some memorable quotes are:

"All right then, run, lady, and you keep on running. Buy yourself a bus ticket and disappear. Change your name, dye your hair, get lost - and then maybe, just maybe, you're gonna be safe from me." (BEN)

"Oh, I only know one reason for living quiet, that's if you're too old to live any other way." (EULA)

"Give him time. A penny on the waters pays interest when the flood turns." (WILL)

This movie is THE LONG HOT SUMMER.
It was quite risque' for its time, especially due to its southern setting. It was the first time Paul Newman and his wife Joanne Woodward appeared together in a film.

It was remade in 1985 and starred DON JOHNSON, JUDITH IVY and JASON ROBARDS. Don Johnson, who was very well known from his role as Crockett in MIAMI VICE, in my humble opinion, filled Paul Newmans shoes very well.

If a LONG HOT SUMMER is what you seek, you must begin at Rankin Lake Park in Gastonia. Rankin Lake Park is just off 321, north of the I 85 JCT. As you enter the park, take the road to the right, not the one to the parking lot. This road is a one way road and circles around the park. You will pass the playground on your left. A short distance past the playground and up the hill you'll see Picnic site # 13.
From the hibachi at the edge of picnic pavilion #13 take about 15 steps toward the woods. Turn right..... and take about 28 steps. Look to your left. You should see 2 very small evergreen trees. Looking past these trees into the woods you'll see a cedar and a pine tree growing close together. (It's the only cedar tree in the area). Walk past the two trees. Stand with them directly behind you. You'll see 2 fallen trees straight ahead. Under the larger of the two, about 4' up from the break, you will find your LONG HOT SUMMER.

Please take time to enjoy Rankin Lake Park. It really is a lovely place for a picnic.

Please be sure to bag the book and stamp... then also put the box in the outer bag. The box does not have a tight seal !! THANKS.

Thanks for going to the movies with us !!! Let us know how you liked it ! We LOVE the movies !! This is the 2nd of many of our favorites...... that we plan to hide all over the piedmont !!
Don't forget to look for #1, also hidden here at the park!

Happy Trails !