Falling Spring Falls  LbNA # 34459 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 24 2007
LocationCovington, VA
Planted ByQueenDork76    
Found By BluegrassBOXers
Last Found Jul 2 2008
Hike Distance?

The Falling Spring Falls are located on US Route 220, approximately 9 miles North of Covington, VA, and approximately 11 miles South of Hot Springs, Va.

A popular attraction for passerby, the Falling Spring Falls Overlook is easily accessible, and parking is provided.

Once you have stopped and viewed the gorgeous (in any season) falls, meander across the road to the Plaque dedicated to the life of "Mad" Ann Bailey--a frontier woman who spent many years of her life living in a small shack near the falls.

The plaque is attached to a massive naturally formed limestone wall, full of wonderful niches, perfect for hiding all sorts of letterboxes. To the left, you should be able to navigate a small incline, which should allow you to access the top of the plaque rock. Hidden in a crevasse, you will find a carefully disguised and hidden letterbox dedicated to the Falling Spring Falls.