Bunyon Anchors Away  LbNA # 34524 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerBloomin' Gramma Jo      
Placed DateAug 24 2007
CountyBig Stone
LocationOrtonville, MN
Found By RMN SD
Last Found Jul 10 2009
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Have you ever wondered what Paul Bunyon used to anchor his mammoth fishing boat? Well, in far western Minnesota, his anchor was discovered in 1958. It is a 110 ton Ruby Red agate granite rock that is visible at the top of the hill just east of Ortonville. Legend has it that Paul used this anchor for his boat when he fished in Big Stone Lake, the tenth largest lake in Minnesota. Paul liked Big Stone Lake because of the great variety and size of the fish there. This big rock is an example of how the lake got its name.

Find the Big Stone County Museum on the southwest section of the Hwy 7 & 75 intersection. Park in the lot next to the museum building. Note the log cabin and 8-sided school house to your left as you face the lake. Beside the log cabin is the Charles Hanson Wild Life Display, which is well worth the time if you are there during museum hours.

But on to what you are seeking. From the parking lot, walk straight ahead past the Indian fireplace and the Muskegon. Continue straight toward Paul's anchor. What a sight! Admire the anchor and all the geological info around the monolith. Then step to the right (south) and walk toward the observation desk. Just before the sidewalk changes to wooden walk, step to the right and down under the walkway. Paul's mini-anchor is nestled under the walk way on a ledge where the cement meets the wood.

This is my first letterbox. Please email me via "contact the placer" at letterboxing.org to let me know your experience. I am some 1200 miles away, so will not be able to check on box's condition. I'm also listed on atlasquest.com.

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