Bald Eagle's Nest  LbNA # 34535 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerThe Christmas Elves      
Placed DateAug 13 2007
LocationLake City, MN
Found By twofreetimers
Last Found Aug 31 2007
Hike Distance?

Terrain: Mostly level, children require close supervision near the end.
Estimated Hike Distance: 45 minutes round-trip
Confirmed in Place: 6/2/2008


Walk southeast through the overflow lot of this 252 acre park. Take the first trail on your left marked with two posts. At the first intersection turn right. Turn left after the bench. At the next intersection, turn right. Follow the fork to the left. Pause to study ironwood sign. Note the number of words in the leaves paragraph (___), the color of the bark (___________) and the number of nutlets (___). Continue along your way for the same number of paces as the words in the leaves paragraph. You’ll find the raptor hiding in the stump eight paces into the woods on your right. Please stamp in discreetly, away from the hiding place, then carefully replace the box and ensure that it is hidden from view.

The real home of a bald eagle is nearby. Continuing along your way, watching for a sign with the first letter of the bark color and the smallest number of nutlets. Shortly after that sign, follow the small trail on your left for 12 steps. Keep close watch on small observers since a bit farther along the terrain falls steeply away from you. See the tree towards the right with the very large trunk? Look at the top and you’ll see the eagle’s home. When the trees are leafy, you’ll need to look very carefully. For a closer look with your binoculars, follow the trunk up and up and up!

You may retrace your steps or, if you have time, enjoy the day by exploring more of the trails and paths, the swimming beach, playground or other amenities.

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