Lets go to the movies #5  LbNA # 34542 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 27 2007
LocationLenoir, NC
Planted ByTHE SEEKERS 1108    
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Lets go to the movies #5


This 2004 movie starred Viggo Mortensen (Who is from upstate NY near where I am from) as Frank Hopkins and Omar Sharif as Sheikh Riyadh. Omar Sharif was 72 when this movie was made... and he didn't look a whole lot different than he did when he made Dr. Zhivago back in 1965.
This movie has a bit of everything...... a Western pony express rider in the arabian desert .... .romance / action adventure.... everything all rolled into one exciting movie. Animal lovers will appreciate this movie .... it truly shows the love between this man and his horse. The horse understands everything he says and is sometimes smarter than he is !!! He and his painted pony race across the desert alongside prized thoroughbreds.

This movie is HIDALGO

Some interesting trivia:
Viggo Mortensen purchased the horse who played the title character (T.J.) after this film was completed.

The final horse scene was filmed in Browning, Montana. 550 different horses were used in that scene. The horses all came from different owners, so to tell them apart, their hooves were branded.

When distributed in Egypt, the Arabic translation of "fifth wife" is "fourth wife" since in Islam you are not permitted to have more than four wives.

Your search for this Painted pony begins at JE BROYHILL PARK in Lenoir. This is a very nice park with picnic tables under covered shelters and even a large 4 sided fireplace with electric outlets. Playground and basketball court too.

JE Broyhill park is on HWY 321 north in Lenoir. Turn left beside "BO's" Bowling alley and entertainment ctr, at the light. This will put you on Finley Ave. Follow Finley Ave around (VERY curvy road) until you see a large cemetary on the right. The back entrance to the park is across from the cemetary.
Find the basketball court. From the basketball court look right and see the wooden bridge. Your Painted pony is hidden from view under the west end of the bridge, on the outer side (toward the edge of the park) tucked up beside the cement covered by twigs and a piece of wood.
Thank you for going "TO THE MOVIES" with us !! We hope you have enjoyed your search for HIDALGO, movie # 5. Don't forget to check the clue list and look for Movie #6, also hidden here in this park
Please rehide well... and be sure to bag, box and OUTER bag the letterbox, as the box doesn't seal tight.
Bring your own ink.... and your own pen.