Purdue Cannon  LbNA # 34557

OwnerThe Christmas Elves      
Placed DateOct 7 2007
LocationMahomet, IL
Found By Stinkerbell
Last Found Sep 18 2009
Hike Distance?

Terrain: grassy path
Estimated Hike Distance: 1 mile or 30 minutes round-trip
Confirmed in Place: 9/18/2009

When Big Ten Conference border state rivals, University of Illinois and Purdue University, battle on the gridiron, more than a W is at stake. These competitors are fueled by the desire to reclaim or maintain possession of the Purdue Cannon.

In 1905, Purdue students hid a cannon near the football field in Illinois and planned to fire it after what they believed would be a Purdue win. Although Purdue won, the cannon wasn’t fired because it was found and removed by Illinois students. Thirty-eight years later, one of those Illinois students suggested that the cannon be used as a trophy for the team that triumphed in the 1943 game.

The Purdue Cannon remains a rallying point for players and fans of both university teams. To find it, travel west of the college town to kale fo het dosow stofer verseerp. Park in the lot across the street from the analbotic grendas. Follow the kibe path west. Step onto the grass path at 220 degrees, which will cross a service drive. Proceed straight through a four-way intersection. At the fork, choose the path heading west, which passes a spiny tree on the left. Turning east at the next intersection, walk 31 paces. Take a bearing of 245 degrees and spot the huge, fallen, hollow trunk.

Find an appropriate way to the east, northeast side of trunk to avoid creating a social path. Some bushwhacking might be required in some seasons. The letterbox is tucked under large bits of wood where the base of the hollow trunk meets a younger, multi-trunked tree. Be careful of spiny bits near the hiding place.

Please stamp in discreetly and carefully return the box to its home. To return to the starting point, follow the trail and turn right at the first intersection.

If you have time, enjoy the day by exploring more of the area.

We are unable to maintain this letterbox, but would enjoy hearing about your visit and your stamp design. If the letterbox is damaged, please contact us to arrange for its return. If you are a local letterboxer willing to help care for this box, please contact us.