Ziggy Zebra  LbNA # 34564

OwnerLittle bear Jason    
Placed DateAug 27 2007
LocationLaurel, MT
Last Found Sep 7 2009
Hike Distance?

While searching for some of his Hagerman Horse ancestors, Ziggy Zebra needed a rest. He stopped off at a place where we also rested during our travels.

Driving westbound on I-90 across Montana, find the rest area between mile markers 419 and 418. Go to the southwest end of the car parking lot and rest your vehicle. From the rattlesnake caution sign, take a compass reading of 300 degrees. Looking that way you should see a small light-colored cedar tree in front of a row of larger pines. Amble over and look under the rocks and pinecones beneath the branches on its far side.