Bowmont Duck  LbNA # 34590 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 28 2007
CountyAlberta, CAN
LocationCalgary, ALB
Planted ByBlue J    
Found By Serenity Now
Last Found Apr 1 2012
Hike Distance?

Even in winter, there are ducks on the Bow River in Bowmont Natural Area.
To find this one, turn from Home Road NW, west onto 52nd St. At the parking lot north of Maranatha Church (2111 t2 St NW), find the paved path in the south-west corner and follow the path down towards the river. With the chain link fence on your right, pass 4 benches on your right side.
Stop at the two benches on the left side, facing the river and the tall green pole with the osprey nest on top.
Angle right from the centre of the 2 benches and walk 43 paces to the gravelly path along the river.
Turn west (right) and walk 38 paces. Stop. Across the river on your left is a small rusty-orange shed. On your right is a small dirt path. Turn north (right) on the small path.
Walk 8 paces, to a small one-foot stump, turn left (west).
Walk 13 more paces, stop again.
Look to your right and see two large old poplars, about a metre apart. Walk 6 paces towards the middle of these.
At the left tree, three rocks are piled on the ground against the trunk. Behind these rocks you'll find the box.

Do not disturb the rocks on the pile between the two trees.
Please replace the three rocks and the leaf litter.
If there's snow, please make sure you cover your tracks.

Be careful leaving the parking lot: 52nd is one way and you must continue down the street to 19th Avenue to reach Home Road again.