Gorges Waters  LbNA # 34595

Placed DateJul 22 2010
LocationCuyahoga Falls, OH
Found By The Early Birds
Last Found Nov 13 2010
Hike Distance?

The Gorges Metro Park located at 1160 Front Street, Cuyahoga Falls. It is one of the Summit County Metro Parks.

There are 3 boxes hidden on The Gorge Trail (1.8 miles). This is an amazing hike with a lot of interesting and beautiful scenery including a cave that was named for a pioneer girl that was captured in Pennsylvania by Delaware Indians. She lived in the cave for five years with the Indians until she was returned. This trail will also take you through some interesting rock formations, along the Cuyahoga River, a dam with waterfalls and finally a small lake with a fishing dock. The hike is mostly shaded so it is a great hike even on the hottest of days.

Park in the parking lot to the north of the Cuyahoga River and off of Front Street. Follow the signs for The Gorge. Take the path to your right and to the Mary Campbell Cave.

Box 1
Once you reach the Mary Campbell Cave pass the memorial rock on your left. Pass a post marker on your left with a yellow arrow. Go to the second big rock on your left; look behind it and under a pile of rocks. Letterbox #1 should be there. Make sure to hide the letterbox again once you sign the book.

Box 2
Continue along the path until you find a large fallen tree that must of fallen on the trail as it was sawed in half with part of the tree to your right and most of the tree to your left. There will also be a large flat rock to your left just past the fallen tree. Turn to your right and walk up the hill and look behind the rotten tree stump under a pile of rocks. Letterbox #2 should be there. Again make sure to hide the letterbox once you sign the book.

Box 3
Continue along the path following the yellow arrows. Cross a wooden bridge. Continue along the path. You will have the option to take the easy by-pass or difficult path. You can take you either. The difficult path will take you up, over and through some very interesting rock formations. The easy by-pass will take you around this. The paths will meet up again and take you down a set of stairs. You will now be heading back towards the direction of the parking lot and along the Cuyahoga River. You will walk over a tree root system in the path. Find the second large rock on the left. (If you pass a sewer cement structure you went too far) Turn to your left and look at the rock. To the left of the large rock is a small rock ledge with a pile of rocks in front of it. It will be in front of 3 trees. Look under the rocks. Letterbox #3 should be there. Please make sure this box is well hidden after you sign the book.

We hope you enjoyed finding our letterboxes and your hike!!!! We had fun hiding them!!!

Note: We originally hid these boexes on 8/28/2007!! We just refreshed them on 7/22/2010 and had to rehide Box 3.