September Holiday Series - Box 1  LbNA # 34624

Ownerjb kokopelli    
Placed DateAug 30 2007
LocationWhitehouse, TX
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Back to School - Box 1
September is the month that we all think of the kids going back to school. So the first box in the September Holiday Series is the Back to School box. (I know, in Texas we all go back to school in August) This box is located in a little park, in honor of the kids as they go back to school. Hopefully many of them will get a chance to play after school is out. Directions This box is located in Gardenview Park. To get to the park, take 110 south out of Whitehouse (towards Troup). The street it is on is Gardenview, and it is the first left past Cain Elementary School. There is a sign for the park going in both directions on 110. (There is no stop sign or traffic light) Once you are on Gardenview, the road will make a Y and you will need to follow Gardenview Street to the left. Continue on Gardenview and you will see the park on your right. Park in the parking area. Find your way to the silver bridge and go across the bridge. Once you are across, look to your right and you will see a corner where
two wooden fences meet. Start walking towards that corner. You will walk past a tetherball pole and a
green and yellow see saw. There is also a swing set and a yellow bench. As you are walking towards the
corner, start looking for a double trunk tree to your left. The Back to School box is behind the double
trunk hardwood tree under the usual stuff.