Louie at the Lake Series (4)  LbNA # 34652

OwnerA-Bear (&J-Bear)    
Placed DateAug 24 2007
LocationMcCall, ID
Found By rydeswitheagles
Last Found Sep 1 2012
Hike Distance?

Placed by J&A-Bear.

Travelling north on Highway 55 before you reach McCall, turn right onto Elo Road. Eventually you will need to bear left onto Boulder Lake Road. Shortly after, Boulder Lake Road turns into a narrow gravel road. Take it all the way down, about 5 miles, until you reach a “T” where you will turn right to access Louie Lake Trailhead.

Details: The hike is 4 miles roundtrip, add a little more if you walk around the lake. It also involves a creek crossing over some not so steady logs, so be careful. Elevation gain is 800 feet and is 2 miles up hill to access Louie Lake, but it is well worth the hike. If you are a member of the Polar Bear swim club, you will want to bring your suit to swim in the lake. We brought our parents up to enjoy the water, the fishing and the gorgeous view.

Papa’s Print: At the Louie Lake Trailhead, carefully cross the logs over the creek to start up the trail. You will come to 2 spots where old roads used to be, with small boulders and logs laying across the roads to prevent motor vehicles from accessing your hiking trail. Stop when you reach the first old road. And on the right side of the trail where the road meets it, find the 2.5’ long x .5’ high rock and go 300 degrees for 45 steps to a large boulder on the right side of the old road. Under some rocks hides Papa’s Print.

Papa’s Prayer: My dad was encouraging us to learn the Papa Prayer by Larry Crabb on our hike up. So this box is placed in honor of that fun. Continue on up the hiking trail until you reach the second old road. Again on the right side of the trail where the old road meets, spy the 2.5’ long x 1’ tall rock. Go 15 steps at 280 degrees to find Papa’s Prayer hiding under some rocks.

Which Way? Continue up to the hiking trail until it meets a dirt road for cars and ATVs. At this “T,” cross the road to the flat boulder on the other side of the road. Behind it, hides Which Way? under some rocks.

Louie: Head up the dirt road to Louie Lake. As you reach the point where you can view the lake, spy the small dam to the right that you can walk across. As soon as you cross the dam, start up the trail for 85 steps. To the left about 5 steps off the trail, spy a large rock about 3’ long x 1.5’ tall. At its base, under some rocks smiles Louie.